Written by Uri Strauss

Webeyez Launches 2.0 to Help Online Businesses Beat the Heat

Leading digital experience platform releases new features to give online brands a competitive edge during turbulent times

Webeyez, the digital experience platform online businesses deploy to fix leaky funnels and grow revenue, today announced the launch of Webeyez 2.0: the company’s most significant product launch since its founding in 2015. 

“We’re entering a challenging time for both online brands and consumers,” said Uri Strauss, Webeyez co-founder and CEO. “Economic uncertainty, changing data privacy regulations, and a dizzying rate of new technology adoption mean that brands can’t afford to be flying blind. They need ways to quickly identify and fix points of failure in the online customer journey.”

Webeyez’s core technology automatically surfaces – in real time – technical issues and goal failures that prevent conversions. With the launch of Webeyez 2.0, the platform helps brands get deeper insights, take action faster, and keep pace as their customers’ needs evolve. 

Key capabilities included in the Webeyez 2.0 include:

  • Lost Revenue Dashboard to quantify the revenue impact of every site issue – enabling data-driven issue resolution
  • Dynamic alerting when critical events reach a threshold – so teams can rest easy knowing Webeyez is monitoring their site 24/7
  • Support for custom data (e.g,. search data) to provide enhanced visibility into all issues impacting the customer journey
  • Cross-site visibility for a portfolio of brands

Webeyez 2.0 is available as of today to all Webeyez customers. Key capabilities have been in beta with select customers for the past six months. 

“Before Webeyez, we could not drill down to the actual customer behavior that was causing the drop in online conversions,” said Sherry Shi, Chief Brand Officer at Diane von Furstenberg, a Webeyez customer and Webeyez 2.0 beta participant. With the new release, Webeyez “gives us X-Ray vision into the detail of what is happening within our website.”

Webeyez clients include high-growth brands across e-commerce, gaming, travel, and financial services.

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