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Sherry Shi

DVF Chief Brand Officer

Diane von Fürstenberg is an internationally known brand for women’s fashion, offering a unique collection of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories.


Multiple customer friction points
In the Spring of 2021, replatformed their website to Shopify+. The update revealed several website issues impacting online conversions including login and registration difficulties, slow page load speeds, and errors in the checkout and shipping stages of the online funnel.

Limited visibility into the “why”
The DVF team had access to analytical data from Google and Shopify+. But while these platforms could show where in the funnel shoppers were dropping off, the team struggled to identify why issues occurred and how to prevent them.

Reliance on manual analysis
Finally, gathering user behavior insights required extensive research from multiple data sources; a time-consuming process that didn’t always guarantee the team could recreate and solve the issues.

We saw 10X ROI and a strong jump in our ROAS.

Gio White Head of eCommerce Taos Footwear
Gio White

Head of Marketing and eCommerce

Taos Footwear is an internationally known market leader for women’s shoes. They are known best for their artisan craftsmanship, beautiful styles, and maximum comfort.


Taos’ digital teams employed multiple web tools including Shopify analytics, Google Analytics, and Yottaa to measure buyer trends, site metrics and gain insights on the overall shopper journey experience.

Declining conversion and poor ROAS during holiday
From the existing tools, the Taos team was aware that:

  • Conversion at checkout had decreased from previous holiday periods
  • Their social media campaigns were delivering below-average ROAS

Unclear root causes and impact on business
However, the current tools were unable to identify the specific cause, nor how much any given issue was impacting the business. For instance, though checkout conversion had declined, site traffic had increased, making it even more difficult to quantify how much of the decline was due to site challenges.

Webeyez allows us to sleep well knowing that our site is performing at the highest level.

EZ Contacts
Joel Friedman

Head of Digital

EZ Contacts is a leading US based online eyewear retailer with headquarters in Brooklyn NY. As a full service company, EZ Contacts supports the full range of client eye care needs: contact lenses, prescription eyewear, designer sunglasses and eye care accessories.


The online glasses and contacts industry is highly competitive. Customers seek online stores that offer shopping convenience, fair pricing and a wide variety of products.

In order to stay competitive, EZ Contacts works hard to provide customers with an optimized online experience.

To achieve ongoing high site performance, the management team sought a solution that could accurately and efficiently identify site issues while also delivering actionable steps to solve each issue detected.

We saw a 10.5% increase to conversions due to items identified by Webeyez.

Blake Skjellerup

Director of eCommerce

Fredricks of Hollywood is a leading brand for lingerie and women’s intimates.


In 2020, Fredericks migrated to a new e-commerce platform, a process that resulted in several site performance challenges, a drop in conversion rates and impacted the online shopping experience of Frederick’s customers. The number of Customer Support tickets grew sharply as shoppers complained of add to cart issues, various goal failures, payment errors and slow page load times.

Webeyez gives us a clear direction for which fires we should battle that make the most difference for the company.

Luis Cupajita

Chief Information Officer


  • 37% increase in sales


Limited visibility into root causes
After migrating their entire site to Magento 2.0, their small devops team was immediately met with a lot of complications surrounding data flow, site mapping, and setting everything up properly in Magento. As a result, customers were encountering friction on their path to purchase. Getting conversion rates back up to speed was really critical, but the team didn’t have much visibility into the root causes of the friction.

Prioritization of resources
Another challenge the K&N team faced was limited resources – mainly a lean DevOps team that did not have the bandwidth to manually dig into and identify root causes. The team needed to be able to identify where there was revenue leakage so that they could build a meaningful case for where to allocate their limited resources, so they searched for a tool to help them achieve this.

Webeyez enabled us to pinpoint where and why there were any site issues much faster – most of the time we didn’t even know there were any.

Osher Karnowsky

General Manager


  • $420K in increased Sales from fixing one failed coupon code
  • $90K recovered per week added from fixing one call error
  • 37% increase in international shopper conversions


Limited visibility into root causes of cart abandonment
Jomashop sells tens of thousands of products from hundreds of different brands across over a dozen categories – it’s not humanly possible to monitor that large of a website and product catalog without help. Jomashop’s team knew they needed a tool that would enable their team to become more efficient and targeted with product, category, and site management, especially since they were struggling to identify why issues surrounding failed conversions were occurring, what the actual issues were, and how to fix them. Jomashop was looking for a tool that could scale their website operations and give them 20/20 visibility into where any site issues were occurring so they could prioritize fixing the ones that mattered most.

Webeyez tells me what’s wrong. I don’t have to go and find it.

Daniel Gange

Director of Ecommerce

By the numbers

Within 6 Months:

  • $3M+ Revenues recovered
  • 83% Higher shopper conversion for journeys with no OOS products


Inefficient tools & limited visibility into root causes of abandonment
EQ3’s website has relatively large traffic and long browsing sessions. Most tools available require dedicated teams to analyze their data, creating a huge time-to-insights-ratio not feasible for EQ3’s four person team.

Further, though their current tools could help them identify where in the funnel people were abandoning, the specific errors and how they related to abandonment were not exposed. This meant costly hours lost digging through sessions that could still end up with conflicting opinions about the root cause. 

Because of Webeyez we’re able to offer our clients more insights while significantly reducing the hours our team previously spent on site monitoring.

Anna Wessel

Head of Client Services


  • 150% growth in client size and volume
  • 78% reduction in digital analytics staffing
  • $1M increase in sales for clients
  • 60% growth YoY


Adapting to the new low-code digital age without dedicated digital staff
IM needed to adapt to the new digital age of companies building websites themselves without looking for external help from agencies, Hence, they transitioned their offering from site implementations to full web services and active monitoring – effectively acting as an in-house digital team for their clients. They soon found themselves with more business than they had the staff for, so they needed to find a tool to bridge the gap.

Specifically, IM was searching for a site monitoring tool that would help automate workflows, maximize team resources, and ensure that their team could proactively catch site issues before their clients and customers.

Webeyez gives us insights into to the health of our website.

Chris Myers

Director of User Experience, eCommerce, Bronson Laboratories

Bronson Laboratories is US based healthcare company that produces quality nutritional products and health innovation for over 60 years.


Bronson Vitamins launched a new website in 2020 to provide its customers with an unparalleled online shopping experience. The new site contained a great interface and a smooth user journey with hundreds of unique and specialized products.

Webeyez identified the exact point where things were going wrong.

Sharon Dagan

Resident Co Founder and CTO

Resident is a direct-to-consumer company that owns and operates multiple online brands which cater to different consumer furnishing needs.


To support the growing needs of their online clients, Resident sought a real time solution that could quickly measure site performance and detect any elements inhibiting the conversion process including: page load time, technical issues, validation errors.

Webeyez’ data insights + session recordings gave us a complete view of each issue.

Daniel Engelman,

Technical Director Jellyfish Israel

Jellyfish the company represents a new kind of digital business, where agency services are combined with consultancy, training and cutting-edge technologies.


The Jellyfish Israel team sought a versatile “cross-team” solution that could bridge the gap between the technical issues identified on client’s websites and their impact on sales and conversion results.

Webeyez replicated site issues and helped clients and development teams prioritize issues.

Ethan Roberts

Director, Bright Owl Digital

Bright Owl Digital is a technical development partner for small and medium-sized UK-based online retailers such as Atterley and Chemist 4U.


Historically, the team has used several tools to monitor and troubleshoot the technical performance of their customer’s websites. While useful, the tools were not revealing how technical issues were affecting the website from a business perspective.

Webeyez gives us the transparency to see how technical issues affect revenue and conversions.

Ard Huisert

CMO and Head of IT and BI for QLF Brands

QLF Brands is a leading European online marketer that manages successful ecommerce shops such as and


The QLF Marketing team needed an “in-house” solution to accurately measure site performance and also gauge the frequency of technical events which affected conversion (QLF sites are built on the Magento Commerce/ Adobe eCommerce platform).


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