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Webeyez natively integrates with Shopify Plus to help eCommerce teams maximize revenue and optimize customer experience.


Generate revenue and increase loyalty

Organizations that lack mission critical data that allows them to target issues with customer experience shouldn’t settle for less than the best analytics and monitoring solutions. Webeyez works with global eCommerce businesses that leverage Shopify Plus to help them reveal areas of improvement in their customer experience and generate more revenue. are challenged with eCommerce optimization.

Easy, quick integration

Our easy integration with Shopify Plus offers state-of-the-art data and analytics that allow your business to maximize revenue and prioritize issues with customer experience to help you drive more business and increase customer loyalty.

Analytics and reporting that drive revenue in real-time

We provide complete integration support for every Shopify Plus client with an average of 200k monthly site visits or more. Once integrated, eCommerce teams are able to quickly realize areas of improvement in their Shopify Plus environment that increase revenue and delight customers.

Webeyez quickly shows Shopify Plus clients how to prioritize issues and properly correct broken experiences – allowing them to push out pre-built patches that offer teams the time they need to create long term fixes while still ensuring a positive site experience.

Providing real-time alerts, forecasting, screen recordings and more, Webeyez helps eCommerce teams make more , do more and save valuable time while increasing customer loyalty.


Customer feedback

Webeyez gives me real-time insights on where and why my customers aren’t converting. For the first time I have a common language with my technical team to ensure the issues are fixed.

Michael Cohen

Chief Product Officer at TERMINAL X

Webeyez saves us time and money in detecting problems and getting them fixed. Previously it took us a long time to determine where issues existed, and what was causing them.

Sharon Dagan

CTO nectarsleep.com

We knew there were glitches on our site, but with Webeyez we no longer need to rely on hunches to find them. No more wild goose chases.

Ben Slor

CMO at Worthy.com

Webeyez helps us detect and react to each and every failed user action. We were driving blind until Webeyez turned on the lights.

Matan Alon

VP IS at JFrog

Jellyfish use Webeyez daily, to monitor our client’s technology. This helps us identify where our e-commerce clients are losing money so that we can ultimately help increase their revenue.

Roni Perelman

Managing Director Israel at Jellyfish

Webeyez translates website performance to a score I can easily understand. I view 100% of goal failure session recordings to visualize what issues my customers are running in to.

Alon Slonim

CEO at Puritan

Webeyez eliminated the endless discussions with our clients around explaining the drop in KPIs. Why are we selling less today? Did anyone touch the campaign? It has to be a tech issue! We can finally be proactive and alert our clients about lost revenue, in real time.

Eran Sion

CEO at 2DO! online shopper Marketing

We had a sense that something within our funnel was wrong, but we couldn’t drill in to find the details. Webeyez shined light on the issues that were impacting site conversions and sales. From the first month we’ve added Webeyez we saw 10X ROI and a strong jump in our ROAS.

Gio White

Head of Marketing and eCommerce at Taos Shoes

Webeyez allows us to sleep well at night knowing that our site is performing at a high level. In addition, Webeyez is our go to platform when we want to set out development tasks, helping us place a dollar value on each and every one of our development efforts.

Joel Friedman

Head of Digital at EZ Contacts

Webeyez allows me, an e-commerce business unit owner, to identify failures on the site and hold my dev team accountable for fixing them. I don’t need a team of analysts, a datawarehouse, sql queries, or dev time.

Dan Gange

Director of Ecommerce at EQ3

Before Webeyez, we could not drill down to the actual customer behavior that was causing the drop in online conversions. Webeyez helps my team gain a fuller understanding of site performance issues and how they impact our online sales. Also, Webeyez is always the first to alert us when things go wrong on the site.

Sherry Shi

Chief Brand Officer at DVF


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