Written by Uri Strauss

How EZContacts created a frictionless customer experience using Webeyez

EZContacts is a leading US based online eyewear retailer with headquarters in Brooklyn NY. As a full service company, EZ Contacts supports the full range of client eye care needs: contact lenses, prescription eyewear, designer sunglasses and eye care accessories.

The EZContacts website ( was first launched in 2002; today EZ Contacts supports millions of customers with a full range of quality eyewear products throughout North America and Europe.

The Problem / Challenge:

In order to stay competitive, EZContacts works hard to provide customers with an optimized online experience. To achieve ongoing high site performance, the management team sought a solution that could accurately and efficiently identify site issues while also delivering actionable steps to solve each issue detected.

Before Webeyez, EZContacts relied on their customers to let them know if they experienced friction and they would then make the necessary adjustments. However, it turns out that 99% of people who experience issues do not reach out but instead go to your competitor.

EZContacts wanted to be more proactive, and set out a goal to find a solution that will give them clear insights as to what sort of hardships their customers were experiencing and what did that mean for their bottom line.

“With Webeyez, every click and site interaction can be set as a goal, tracked for failures and then analyzed with the connected session recording associated with that goal. This gave us a ton of insights of what we have to do in order to improve our customer experience.”
– Joel Friedman, Head of Digital at EZContacts

The Methodology:

EZContacts turned to Webeyez, to set out a plan to identify and fix customer friction points found on Webeyez tagged each and every customer interaction on so they can know exactly where customers are experiencing friction.

By keeping track of ongoing customer failure and analyzing the impact of’s technology stack on the user experience Webeyez was able to answer the call and lift many of the friction points EZContacts customers were facing while shopping on

Webeyez deployed seamlessly through Google Tag Manager (GTM) and immediately delivered visibility into each issue causing lost revenue opportunities.

EZContacts analyzed its user behavior on a per goal basis, setting up every customer interaction as a tracked goal.
This analysis informed the brand on where customers were struggling and which page elements were hindering conversions. For example, a large number of users were experiencing problems on the Place Order section.

The Outcome:
Deploying Webeyez, granted EZContacts the intelligence to identify multiple friction points. EZContacts has implemented many changes to their site based on the Webeyez’s recommendations:

  1. They have allowed their customers to buy without the need of logging in, avoiding login failures that were causing frustration.
  2. Changed error messages on the Place Order page so error messages will not confuse customers.
  3. Fixed many “Page not found” errors by fixing links or creating 301 redirects so customers coming into the site from various places would have a good experience.
  4. Improved page load time by pushing more of the site resources to come via CDN

The EZ Contacts team accesses their Webeyez account on a daily basis to monitor goal failures, failed AJAX calls of 3rd party tools and apps, login failure trends, 404 pages and Javascript Errors.

In addition, Webeyez Alerts provide the EZ Contacts digital team with real time notification of critical site issues such as payment processing failures and sudden drops in conversions.


Webeyez empowers EZ Contacts with the right data intelligence to investigate and solve core issues affecting their customers and damaging their brand.

The insights help EZ Contacts to categorize site issues (technical, UX, operations…) and easily prioritize leading issues needing immediate attention. This saves them time and money.