Webeyez Hypernode Partnership

Webeyez, a leading conversion optimization and site performance solution is proud to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with Hypernode, a market leader for high performance hosting as well as a Shopware technology partner.

“Hypernode delivers consistent strong results to our clients…” said Uri Strauss, Webeyez CEO. “They combine deep knowledge of eCommerce needs together with a fast and stable hosting environment which enables online businesses to complete more transactions and easily scale growth.

Furthermore, like us, they are customer centric. This customer first approach means our partnership remains results driven based on customer needs and success…big LIKE ! “

Bart Beekman, Project Manager for Hypernode commented, “Webeyez does an excellent job displaying the cause and effects that technical issues have on site performance. Additionally, Webeyez supports merchants and digital agencies by measuring the lost revenue potential from the Checkout process.”

To celebrate this partnership, Webeyez and Hypernode are offering a complimentary site audit for your eCommerce store in order to detect any impacts from unseen site errors and anomalies as well as measure site speed and performance.

Please register for the complimentary audit here.

About Hypernode:
Hypernode is an e-commerce hosting specialist, founded in the Netherlands and operating worldwide! Hypernode is a highly optimized platform, built for stability, security and scalability, and will blow you away with its amazing performance! Today, Hypernode supports over 2,300 businesses with a diversified cloud platform built to fulfill customer ambitions.

About Webeyez:
Webeyez is a conversion optimization solution that identifies site issues affecting conversions and damaging the online experience. Insights from Webeyez empower your team to make smart and informed data based decisions and perfect the online experience. Results are immediate.