e-Commerce Analytics to Recover Lost Revenue

Webeyez is a leading E-commerce monitoring & analytics solution that helps teams detect, alert, prioritize & resolve
all operational and technical issues to recover lost revenue.


Analyzing over 1B Data Points Monthly

Webeyez increased our conversions by 83%


Dan G.

EQ3, Director of eCommerce

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What our customers are saying

“Highest level of site performance”

— Joel Friedman,

Head of Digital, EZ Contacts

“10X ROI”

— Gio White,

Head of Marketing and eCommerce, TAOS Footwear

“10.5% conversion increase”

— Blake Skiellerup,

Director of eCommerce, Freadricks of Hollywood

Our advantages

Grow Revenue.

An actual look at real customer experiences bypasses wasted hours of blind-research and conflict to get real-time data that increases conversions and revenue.

Perfect Your Customer Experience.

Ecommerce teams can’t optimize customer UX without knowing what’s most urgent. Webeyez gives you data based on revenue-impact so you’re always clear what to prioritize.

Save Countless Hours.

Stop wasting time trying to find what’s hurting revenue and customer UX. Solve it in a flash with Webeyez.

1-Click Implementation

Integrate via GTM, Magento Plugin, Shopify Plugin and many more.